Sunday, April 12, 2009


I had a nice week off though catching Thursday's move would have made it better.How fabricated it might be but WFC gave market good news.As a result financials showed strength and led from the front.Important earnings that will most likely determine market direction:
April 14th

April 16th

April 17th

S&P 500 has minor resistance around 875 which I personally think we will blow past after GS reports. I hope we get a slight pull back on Monday so I can load up on GS. As far other possible plays are concerned my bet is on GOOG.
This will be a historic week because FAS and FAZ will swap places. I 'll probably pick some FAZ up around $5-$7 range when S&P hits 950.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Early weekend!

Taking off early this week sure is fun when the market works your way.Go Bulls!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Smoking a victory cigar!

Nice day to be a bull, keeping the stops in place though.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bears are toast!

The futures are pointing higher and tomorrow could be a very tough day for the bears.Looks like the market will respond positively to the market to market decision.Life is going to get very tough for the stubborn bears out there. They are drawing lines on their fancy charts and trying to convince themselves that this rally will come crashing down. But the fact is that easy money is on the long side.So either get on board or crash and burn.If you are late to the game trading 3X bullish Etfs can make a quick buck.My favourite are TNA,FAS,and BGU.Just remember that it is a traders market right now and the short term trend is bullish.I hope I can get in a few more long positions in the morning.If we gap up (which seems likely) I'll wait for the first pull back that usually comes after 15-30 mins.
Good Luck!


There are a few people who drop by the blog every now and then.I would love your input, welcome critique and love to agree/disagree.I am a part time trader who is striving to get better one trade at a time.My purpose is not to sell anything or brag how right I am.So come on in, drop a line or two.I welcome any college football trash talk too!
Thank you!

Take some off the table!

Solars are modestly up today, I think it is wise to take some off the table and tighten the stop.Even though most of them are positive they have not cleared yesterday's high.Which makes me believe that there could be a slight pull back here.YGE and SOL remain my favorite to trade while I am eying ENER as a long term investment.
Update: By the way this is not an April's fool joke bears.Get ready to be stream rolled tomorrow as Market to Market rule change will buzz saw you in half. This is my last warning I am doing my part.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My bullish bias!

Most of the worst news has been baked in.During the last run up a lot of money was on the side line which feels left out.Secondly our Government's save at all cost approach will not let the natural progression of market take place.I am not arguing that it is the right thing to do or will it work in the long term.But for now it will get the market going.At the most auto industry will be made the scape goat.
I am bullish heading to FASB's vote on new market to market accounting propsal.I won't be surprised to see uptick rule to follow soon.This can pretty much kill the bear market as it is.I don't agree with everything being propsed.But I'll trade which ever way it makes me money.
Right now solars are where the action is along with my favorite TNA and FAS.